About us

Musch-Motorsport is a young and dynamic company established in 2003 and is specialized in making "custom made" BMW-sportcars. During the last few years we have good personal contacts with reliable people and companies in motorsport.

In 2005 we built a new M3 E46 GT and participated in the 24H Dubai race January 2006. In spite of an accident which took some hours to repair we finished successfully (ranking 4th in Class). Because of this we have got a lot of extra experience which will do our company good. With this experience we've built a couple of beautiful BMW race cars.After one year of only building race cars we participated in the 24H Dubai race 2008 successfully.

At this very moment we are busy with our new project : the new M3 coupé. This car will be launched end of 2008 and will have all the latest race specifications. (for more detailed information see subject 'projects').